Welcome to the Tracer docs. On this page you will find a brief overview of the Tracer protocol and a navigation guide for the rest of the documentation.


Tracer is an open-source, smart contract protocol for derivatives. Broadly, it is an array of financial contract generators [Factory] governed by a DAO. Factories store contract templates and generate tracers. Tracers are instances of the contracts [Markets] deployed on-chain. They can be deployed by anyone.
Tracer markets do not require trusted intermediaries to function. Intermediary reliant financial infrastructure generates unnecessary costs and risks for users. Tracers are a highly efficient trading solution, characterised by lower transaction costs and minimised, or eliminated, risks when compared to existing financial offerings.
Tracer currently comprises the following Factory: Tracer Perpetual Pools. The addition, maintenance and upgrade of Factories, and control of elected tracers generated by these Factories, is the sole responsibility of Tracer DAO. Tracer DAO is the decentralised governing body of the Tracer protocol, whose members constitute holders of the Tracer Token (TCR).


Market Types
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