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We list some of the open bounties below but are open to suggestions that support the Tracer vision & roadmap.
To get started with a bounty, join our Discord and ping the core team. We hope that bounty teams become long-term developers & advocates for the Tracer protocol. For more information on the different ways on contributing to Tracer DAO, see Community.

Perpetual Pools Custom Application

Intro Perpetual Pools are a set of derivative contracts that enable the creation of fungible ERC-20 positions representing a short or a long view of a market. The tokens produced can be used across DeFi applications for various activities, such as lending or collateralisation.
Scope The scope of the bounty is to create a custom application or front-end utilising Perpetual Pools tokens for a niche purpose or to serve a certain user group. The work consists of designing and developing a web front-end utilising the Perpetual Pools tokens. Marketing, sales, and other activities can be included in the scope as well. The Tracer core team can help on various aspects (including setting up oracles for custom data) as agreed. An example of a custom application could be a website allowing users to hedge petrol prices in their area.
Remuneration Remuneration of the task is agreed upon on an individual basis. The remuneration will consist of a fixed payment and a performance-based payment in vesting TCR only or a combination of vesting TCR and stablecoins (or Ether). The performance indicators can include, for example, TVL, site visitors, unique users, or media exposure. Depending on the extent of the bounty, it may be allocated from the growth fund without DAO approval. Minimum fixed payment $5k.