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Tracer is a composable piece of infrastructure that can be integrated into any application. In addition to providing a set of audited contracts tested in practice, Tracer provides help with aspects such as market making, co-marketing, data availability, and parameter optimisation.
With Tracer, you are not alone. Develop using Tracer's contracts and we'll support you throughout your journey.
The Tracer product suite currently consists of the Perpetual Pools template. The table below helps you determine whether Perpetual Pools are the right contract for your application.
Perpetual Pools v2
Data sources
Any standardised Tracer Data Feed (e.g. any Chainlink feed)
Data source manipulations
Any wrapper available in Tracer Data Factory (e.g. arithmetic, smooth moving average)
Configurable; annual management, mint, and burn fees available. Can be split between two recipients at different rates.
Funding rate
In-kind, value is determined by other parameters
Positive integers (IEEE754 bytes16)
Leverage function
Liqudation mechanism
None, positions are fully funded
Margin requirement
None, positions are fully funded
Settlement asset
Any non-rebasing, non-deflationary ERC-20 token
Tokenised position representation
Yes; separate ERC-20 for long and short positions
Transferable ownership
Yes; position represented by a token
Volatility decay
Yes; impact is dependent on data source, leverage, and mint & burn fees

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