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Tracer is a community-led project that develops open-source software with the goal to standardise derivatives contracts. Along the way, we hope to get derivatives into the hands of many more people than currently have access to them.
Financial derivatives are, traditionally, a restricted asset class. But we think they are far too useful to prohibit people from using. For one, they let people manage risk and be more efficient with their capital. That alone should justify the need for universal access to these products.
So, we are developing on the only platform that lets anyone access the contracts and promises to never shut down the agreements – a public blockchain. At this stage, our code is written in Solidity for the Ethereum blockchain, but we're only getting started. Want a say in what we do next? Join the conversation on Discord:
Here's a quick guide to the spaces you can access from the Portal:

Tracer DAO

Our fully on-chain organisation; where we raise funds, propose to change the old code, propose to add new code, vote on these proposals, engage talented people from all over the world, and pay everyone who helps along the way.


Everything we've developed that you can use, operating forever on the blockchain.


Everything we've done (and are doing) to make sure that the code handling your funds is invulnerable.


Our code, and all the stuff you can do to help make it better.

Get Involved

Our socials! The best way to stay abreast of Tracer's development.
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